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       This is the place for readers to find the stories about both Jonathan Raines, a tough detective in Detroit during the 1930s, and equally rugged West Texas lawman Johnny Madrid, plus other memorable  characters in novels featuring a variety of historical settings. 

This also is the place for Just Yesterday, a column devoted to interesting local historical tales, and little known facts about the people who settled Bay City and the State of Michigan.  There also is My Times, a column with comments on current news events with a historical perspectives.    You can stop at the Writer's Desk for helpful tips on writing that paper, newsletter, article, or even the great American novel.

      The latest Tim Younkman novels published for tablets and other e-readers are available for purchase and downloading through most major distribution sites including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.   You also can read the first few chapters for free and I'm sure you'll want to find out what happens next!  Just click on the book cover for a look.

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Pecos Moon By Tim Younkman
If I Die Again By Tim Younkman
Detroit 32 By Tim Younkman

My Times

Just Yesterday


   With “Pearl Harbor Day” reminding us of the “dastardly” attack by Japan on the United States forces and ships in Hawaii, ceremonies across the country commemorated the loss of life and of the many injured on that Sunday morning.

   Dec. 7, 1941 was indeed “a date that will live in infamy,” as President Franklin D. Roosevelt so aptly put it.  But what about Dec. 11?

   No?  Doesn’t ring a bell?

   Well, that was a date just as important, though not as dramatic or tragic as Dec. 7.  It was the day the course of World War II was determined.

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   It was a Christmas like no other in U.S. history.

   The world was collapsing around for many American families as the continued fallout from the Great Crash of 1929 evolved mercilessly into the Great Depression of 1930.

   It was to last most of the decade but this was the first Christmas when the full crushing weight of the failing economy was felt.

   Both of my parents were teenagers in high school then.  They didn’t talk a lot later on about how they felt on that Christmas except that my Grandfather, my mother’s dad, who maintained his job as a railroad dispatcher, insisted on keeping his family together.  Relatives from all over the country showed up for some help.

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