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       This is the place for readers to find the stories about Jonathan Raines, the tough Detroit detective and his exploits, plus other memorable  characters in a variety of historical settings. 

This also is the place to read my take on some interesting issues of the day and some nostalgic meanderings on all sorts of topics  through the My Times column.  You also can stop at the Writer's Desk for helpful tips on writing that paper, newsletter, article, or even the great American novel.

      The latest Tim Younkman novels, e-reader ready, are available for purchase through most major distribution sites including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.   You also can read the first few chapters for free and I'm sure you'll want to find out what happens next!  Just click on the book cover for a look.

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My Times

Tim younkman

   Leonardo Da Vinci discovered the New World?

   A recent popular television drama says it’s so.  Actual history was pushed aside to drive the plot of this interesting but erroneous adventure.  

   There’s a saying that if you tell a big lie and tell it often enough, it becomes the truth. 

   As entertainment, this is great stuff, but as history, it is the Big Lie.
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