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       This is the place for readers to find the stories about Jonathan Raines, the tough Detroit detective and his exploits, plus other memorable  characters in a variety of historical settings. 

This also is the place to read my take on some interesting issues of the day and some nostalgic meanderings on all sorts of topics  through the My Times column and my new Just Yesterday entries.  You also can stop at the Writer's Desk for helpful tips on writing that paper, newsletter, article, or even the great American novel.

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   Anyone who has seen the movie “Braveheart” must be wondering what happened this past Thursday when voters in Scotland threw away their chance for freedom.

   Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of Scottish people lost their lives fighting for freedom and defending it once achieved.

   Humans have inhabited the Scottish lands for 10,000 years and the native tribes had to fight for survival as the Romans tried to conquer them 2,000 years ago.  Wars against the Picts and Scots and Angles and a number of other tribes eventually forced the Romans out. 

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   The Independence Day weekend of 1898 was spiced up in Bay City when the world champion baseball Giants came to town.

     The Giants, who beat just about every team lined up against them on the diamond, rode into town in their own rail cars on July 2.

    On Sunday, July 3, the Giants played the Bay City Sugars, short for Sugar Beets (I’m serious), which was the best team in the Michigan State League.  Predictably, the Giants defeated the Sugars 11-5, although Bay City did get 11 hits but fumbled with five errors.

   No, the visitors weren’t the New York Giants—in fact, that year, this visiting team was better.  The team was the Page Fence Giants!

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