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An award winning journalist for four decades

Tim Younkman
Tim Younkman
Tim Younkman has incorporated his experience and training into all facets of his works, from essays and short commentaries, to short stories and novels.
A native of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and raised along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, Younkman has not forgotten his roots when he tells his stories or offers his views on local, national, and global events.  He is a graduate of Muskegon (Mich.) Catholic Central High School and Michigan State University School of Journalism.
His experience beyond his literary talents includes performing as a professional musician, a music instructor, a labor leader, a parochial school board chairman, a board member for the Boys and Girls Club of Muskegon and the Heart Walk of Bay County.  In his youth worked in a paper mill, in retail businesses, and a public library.  He sold newspapers, shined shoes, collected paper for recycling, and had a lawn care business.
His news writing included crime reporting, covering state and federal courts, investigative reporting of government corruption and drug cartels operating in Michigan.  He also has been an award-winning columnist commenting on everyday life and the important issues of the day.  He has worked in Michigan for the Clinton County News, The Muskegon Chronicle, and The Bay City Times, and mlive.com.
Now he brings that expertise to his own website, offering his views on all sorts of topics, plus presenting his completed works in both the realms of fiction and non-fiction.  He has traveled extensively researching a variety of topics included in his writings.
Younkman is the father of seven children and resides in Bay City, Michigan.
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